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ndévit® is a technique and a philosophy which uses the power of the written words to support the development of human being on the physical, mental, spiritual levels. Ondévit® is discovered in 1983.

The Ondévit® energy
It promotes harmony with the nature of beings and things.
It can be compared with the Chi, Qi or life energy.
We found that the energy we use is similar to thoughts, which move faster than the speed of light (particle recently discovered by scientists).
It can be captured and concentrated in or around material (living or dead).

Written words and magnetism
The power of written words in combination with magnetism, light and electricity makes stimulation of the life energy of an individual possible to bring a new consciousness in the physical, mental and spiritual fields.
The stimulation removes blockages in the flow of life energy.
The Ondévit® discovery is based on the possibility that we have to connect the purified energy of written words with all kinds of products and liquids.

This finding applies to all our relationships with the environment
- Our body
- Our sexuality (hormonal system)
- Our family relationships
- Our relationships with animals, plants
- Our relationships with potential predators: bacteria, viruses
- Our possessions
- Matter in general and in particular pollution and poisons
- The electromagnetic waves especially harmful but also radioactive

The Ondévit® technique
It is based on the fact that all our disturbances have an image in our environment.
Over thirty different principles are used to find these sources of trouble in our environment.
We can apply these principles in to important areas: organization (especially social), the body, spirituality, education etc.

Philosophy and science
Based on observations made using the technique Ondévit® we have developed new theories on the creation of the universe, on sociology etc.
According Ondévit® as according to other philosophies, religion and science are one.
Different religions are found in the Ondévit® theories. I was able to show that they are intimately connected with the properties that I discovered on the life energy.
Like all philosophies, enhancing the well-being and health maintenance play an important role in Ondévit®

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