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    The products in this catalog allow you to choose products for a specific purpose.

    We insist that to judge the seriousness of your symptoms, you should consult your doctor.
    You will find on this site a page to help you to choose your Ondévit products.

    After more than thirty years of experience, we have never had a single case of serious side effects from taking Ondevit products.
    We insist that you drink at least two liters of water a day from the beginning of taking Ondevit products.
    Consult the user manual available on the Ondévit website.
    If you do not have the desired results when taking Ondévit products, we advise you to consult a doctor and an Ondévit therapist.
    The different categories of products will be available as the development of this online store
  • 100-pages credit to print cards...
    Do not waste time writing Ondévit cards. Use the lists available on the site or your own TXT file.
    The cards will be printed perfectly and you will only have to cut them out!
  • Products for the skin
    The Ondévit Foundation prepares a series of products for the skin, the care in case of accident, burns but also for the rejuvenation and the new cosmetic products.
  • Cosmetic products
    You will soon find here unique energy cosmetics products in the world. 

    These products have been tested on volunteers with outstanding results that we will be happy to share with you.

                                                       Photo de l accident                                    Photo 3 days after

                                                 Photo after the accident                    Photo taken 3 days after the accident

                                                                              Yes, it's the same person.
     These photos clearly show the repairing power of our product Ondévit4Skin and the series that we will propose soon