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The Ondévit Foundation offers Ondévit products specific to the problems, you may encounter in its online shop.

In no case these replace a treatment issued by a doctor or other health professional duly authorized to make such a prescription.

To date, we have never had negative reactions to the use of Ondévit products

Ondevit products are used as an energy supplement and are NOT considered as drugs "Decision of Chief Inspector of the Department of Health Drugs Mei, 10, 1984.

Ondévit products are chemically composed of sodium chloride in aqueous solution at 8 per thousand (0.8% NaCl).

The products are subjected to energy fields to obtain an energetic function of the words that make the definition of the product.

The action of these products is only energetic. Their energy content can be controlled by an Ondévit therapist. In case of disappearance of the energy value of the product, the bottle will be replaced after returning the original bottle.

These products are compatible with all existing treatments and do not claim to replace them.

Their use is strongly discouraged for people who must follow a diet without salt. If symptoms persist, you should consult a doctor or specialist as soon as possible.

In case of crisis, you can take these products every fifteen minutes for 2 to 3 hours.


The energy that Ondévit products provide, does not replace work in the case of language learning or physical rehabilitation but increases the effects. It does not replace diets when they are needed.


Preservation of products

You will not run any risk if you follow the prescribed measures for homeopathic products.

Ondevit drops can support much more:


X-rays for example in airports have no negative influence on the validity of the drops. Avoid placing Ondevit products near a television set. Never place drops near electrical or magnetic equipment. Do not boil the drops.

You received an Ondevit treatment, what can you expect?

  From the moment you received a test with the magnet, an improvement in your energy circulation has begun. The drops will continue, improve this circulation.

The fact that your body is going to work with these new energies can be manifested by physical or emotional reactions:

  current problems can be stronger

  old problems may re-emerge

  you may feel very energetic or very tired.

The above reactions may occur before, during, or after taking Ondevit drops.

In spite of the understandable disappointment that such a reaction may produce, it is important to understand that these reactions are positive. You are cleaning your body with poisons or waste.

If the reaction to taking the products is violent, it is appropriate to stop taking drops to give a few days of rest to your body. You then con¬tinue with 1 drop of each vial on the first day, 2 the next day, 3 the day after tomorrow etc. ... If the reactions occur again, stay a few days in the number of drops you have arrived, before continuing.

From the beginning of the treatment you should drink at least two liters of water a day.

The Ondévit Foundation can in no way be responsible for the misuse of the products or their modifications by any person.

Placébo effect

The placebo effect exists, but it is often the relationship between a professional of health and a patient who causes such an effect. The effects of Ondevit products are much greater than the placebo effect. Ondévit energy is a new energy that gives strength to a customer. The process for giving strength is very technical. Ondevit tests also work without human intervention. There is no human intervention in the manufacture of the products except the placement of the cards and bottles in the Ondévit machine. This operation does not require any qualification, capacity, or special knowledge.

In all cases we advise you to consult your usual doctor to give you medication or an Ondévit therapist to receive you an energy treatment

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