General informations

Ondévit is a method that uses the information contained in written words to transfer it to the people who need it to improve their vital energy.

Ondévit has an original technique to test the energy of what words you need.

Ondévit transfers the information of the words you need into a saline solution that allows you to exactly compensate for your lack of energy to improve your vital energy.

Beyond this concrete approach, Ondévit presents itself more generally as a philosophy and a research project whose field of study is (spiritual) energy and the related experiences.

The Ondévit philosophy is based on intelligence and reason to understand the world and life.

By using the energy of written words in combination with magnetism, light and electricity, Ondévit is not interested in the body but in the energy contained in the words of the body.

Ondévit energy supplements are associated with the energy of written words to restore energy circulation in the body.

This change of energy radiation allows you to become aware of the mutual influences between you and your environment

Ondévit is primarily interested in the well-being of its customers and so far no treatment has brought negative effects in the end.